Life in Focus Overview

This project was completed in 2009. You can still use the resources to conduct your own Life in Focus project.

Project Purpose:
People with disabilities learn to use cameras to share their stories in words and pictures.

What do people in “Life in Focus” groups do?
Group members:
  • Get a camera and learn how to use it.
  • Take pictures to represent issues and experiences in their daily lives.
  • Discuss their photos and stories in a group. This helps group members find deeper meanings, make changes in their personal lives, identify common issues, and reflect on their community’s strengths and concerns.
  • Learn to use the photos and stories to communicate with people in their lives, policy makers, and the community.
What do you expect from the project?
People with developmental disabilities will develop powerful voices. They will learn to use pictures and words to share their own stories. People with high support needs and from diverse cultures will be heard. Increased skills and confidence will lead to stronger relationships and a better life. 


Their stories will focus on crucial advocacy issues from a personal standpoint. This will help policy makers and communities see life through the eyes of people with disabilities. Increased understanding and a strong voice will lead to better services, policies and communities.

How do I get more information?
Contact Glenn Ashley,
Project Coordinator for “Life in Focus” at

United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan

Email: Ashley@ucpmichigan. org